Electrolysis is a permanent hair removal method.

Electrolysis works by physically damaging the hair follicle so that further hairs cannot grow. The technique used, is to place a small fine tipped probe into the hair follicle itself. Once inserted, a small electrical current is passed down the probe and into the hair follicle. This electrical current, causes a reaction to take place in the hair follicle. Inside each hair follicle there are small amounts of water and salt compounds. These react when stimulated by the electrical current and produce a compound called ‘Lye’. This damages the hair follicle and thus loosens the hair from the follicle at which point it is pulled out, usually with tweezers.

Electrolysis Blend Method

The blend method as it is known is a combination of the two methods, electrolysis and thermolysis. The blend method takes the best of both techniques and produces a faster and more efficient treatment. The heat generated by thermolysis is combined with the chemical transformation to ‘lye’ of electrolysis giving heated lye. This is what damages the hair follicle to prevent hair growth. This method is particularly effective on thicker coarser hairs. Blend Method has been proven to be the most effective hair removal treatment.

Why electrolysis?

Other hair removal methods provide only temporary relief to the problem of unwanted hair. Long term tweezing and waxing often exacerbate the condition by distorting the hair root, often leading to ingrown hairs and trauma to the skin. When you contemplate the price, consider what a lifetime of creams, razors, waxing, and time spent will cost. Today's fees are flexible enough to fit most budgets. Never take chances with your health; competent, professional service is well worth the cost.

How long will I need treatments?

Permanent hair removal treatment programs are tailored to the client's needs. Many factors determine the number and the length of treatments required. These may include the condition of the skin to be treated, the sensitivity of the skin, the number of follicles involved, past methods of hair removal and even your actions before and after can impact the number of treatments necessary. Many patients find weekly sessions of 15 to 60 minutes to be most effective.

Does it hurt?

For most people, the traditional needle hair removal causes little discomfort. Most patients report tweezing and waxing to be much more uncomfortable than electrolysis treatments. Topical numbing agents are available to lessen the pain.

GentleLASE® Laser System

Available by a Board Certified Dermatologist with 20 years Laser Experience.

Lasers have been used for many years for a variety of medical cosmetic procedures including treatment of facial and leg veins, age spots and rejuvenating the skin on the face. The GentleLASE System, a revolutionary long-pulse high energy alexandrite laser emits a gentle beam of light that passes through the skin to the hair follicle where it is absorbed. The lser energy is transformed into heat, which destroys the hair follicle leaving the surrounding skin unaffected. The skin is further protected during treatment by a Dynamic Cooling Device™ where cryogen is sprayed onto the skin cooling the upper layers and providing patients with increased comfort. The GentleLASE selectivity helps to protect the skin, while effectively treating the unwanted hair.